Girls Varsity Golf · Girl’s Golf Team Has Room to Grow and Has Learned Many Lessons This Season

The DSA girl’s golf team had a season full of swings—both high and low.

Most golf matches this year were difficult for the girls, especially because many scored well above par and did not see much improvement. However, although this season did not go as planned, there is still a great chance for improvement for next year.

“The team is still trying to figure out where golf fits into their student lives,” Head Coach Kendel Chrysler said. “It often takes a backseat to other extracurriculars like band or theater. However, they know the game isn’t going anywhere and is always ready for them when they choose to apply themselves to it.”

Although most DSA girl golfers have their eyes on other activities, there is one golfer specifically who has impressed Coach Chrysler and is working hard to have the talent and skills necessary to be successful.

“We were able to have 14 girls on the roster,” Coach Chrysler said. “Out of those 14, one girl, Audrey Toner, sophomore, is really applying herself to the sport. She is in the room every morning and every afternoon getting her swings in. Every time we head to the course, she is there. I can see her really growing and learning in the sport.”

This season, the girls had an amazing experience meeting with a golfer who has professional golf experience. It helped the girls understand there is more to golf than just the game.

“This season we got the chance to meet with Ted Scott, the caddie for Bubba Watson on the PGA Tour,” Coach Chrysler said. “It was great for them to see someone who has made a career out of golf and get first-hand information and life tips that are valuable to young students.”

Next season, Coach Chrysler hopes to add more girls who play golf because they’re passionate about the game—not just because they need something to do. For now, he is excited to see what is to come for those who worked hard this season.

“I can’t wait to see where things go with those who have committed themselves to golf,” Coach Chrysler said. “It’s there for us whenever you want to take advantage of it.”