Boys Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Dragons Tennis is Proud of Their 2019 Season

The DSA tennis team worked hard this season to show Del Sol Academy exactly what they’re made of. With great focus and determination, they did just that—and DSA is proud.

The girl’s tennis team had a remarkable season, going 9-5 and finishing Top 5 in the state with their season-ending loss to the State Champions, The Meadows. The girls also had amazing wins against Virgin Valley and Rancho, especially because when Head Coach William Schultz began coaching, DSA lost 18-0 to those programs.

There were many players on the girl’s team who exceeded expectations this season and helped the team shine. KatieRae Patruquin took a few games off the No. 1 player in the state as well as defeated the No. 3 singles player from The Meadows.

“KatieRae Patriquin beat the No. 3 singles player from the Meadows 7-5, which was incredible to see,” Coach Schultz said. “To come this far as a program to where our players are beating the Meadows starters, it was a great feeling. We exceeded our expectations.”

Along with Patruiquin, CharLeyanse Howard shined by finishing the season in the Top 10. Doubles teams Sarah Timpa and Melissa Burnett finished with a 21-13 record in sets and Taylor Oezer and Sydney Taylor finished Top 10 in the state along with Alissa Reifer and Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Although the boy’s tennis team barely missed the playoffs by a single victory (5-7 record), LaVerk Hodges and Jacob Chairsell finished the season Top 10 in the state as a doubles team, and the entire team also had an astounding victory over Durango in a tiebreak, and Durango is a 4A school.

“We met our expectations,” Coach Schultz said about the boy’s team. “We were sad about missing out on the playoffs. Luis Friol almost beating the No. 1 singles player from Moapa Valley was awesome to see as Luis just started playing in August. Josue Pasaye beating one of the Top 10 players in the State from Sunrise was awesome too.”

This season, many players were noticed by those around them. In fact, Patriquin received Second Team, Hodges and Chairsell received Honorable Mention, and Timpa and Bernett received Honorable Mention. And, Timpa is excited to have the opportunity to play club tennis at NAU or University of Nevada-Reno.

Next year, the team has high hopes for the season. However, for the successful season they seek, they need more players. So, Coach Schultz encourages both boys and girls to find more tennis lovers at DSA.

“Recruit!” Coach Schultz said. “[For the boys], we want to make the playoffs next year but we’ll have a lot of beginners. [For the girls], recruit! We want to finish Top 2 in the state, and KatieRae wants to finish Top 4 with a finish up in Reno at State.”