Varsity Swimming & Diving · DSA Swimming and Diving Has Already Made Great Improvements, Making Coaches Proud

The DSA swimming and diving team is taking this 2021 season as an opportunity to learn and grow, no matter what happens.

Because of COVID-19, the spring season has been shortened for all DSA spring teams, making it impossible to fit the normal number of games in a season. For the swimming and diving team, they have a total of five meets this season, making every meet very important for each swimmer.

Along with a shortened season, the team has also taken a hit in the number of swimmers and divers on the team. So, in light of these things, Head Coach Sean Miller is focusing on making this season as normal as possible as well as focusing on personal development and improvement each day.

“I expect everyone to realize their growth in swimming,” Coach Miller said. “We have a short season this year, so our goals and expectations have to reflect that too. My main concern and, therefore, my goal, is that I want our team members to feel a sense of normalcy after being locked up most of this school year because of the pandemic.”

Thus far, the team has had two meets, and they are already showing great improvement from the beginning of the season.

“We have had two meets so far, and I am incredibly proud of everyone,” Coach Miller said. “In one week, everyone has been able to improve their times from the first meet. Every little bit of improvement makes a difference in the meet times, and I want the team members to know that and be proud of their personal records and accomplishments too.”

Although the team is small, they are excited to have each swimmer and diver on the team. In fact, the team’s comradery is impeccable at the moment, no matter the skill level. This is due to the team being thrilled to welcome all swimmers and divers, even if all they know is the dog paddle.

“That comradery and sense of teamsmanship is incredibly important to me, and it is the one big difference I have noticed between high school team sports versus club sporting leagues,” Coach Miller said.

In just a few short weeks, the DSA swimming and diving team has taken this spring season situation and has made the best of it. Although they might be uncomfortable at times, they have pushed through and have become better athletes because of it.

All of us on the team, including me, have been pushed outside our comfort zone and have succeeded,” Coach Miller said. “Some of the team members have swum further than they ever have before, and some of the team members have pushed themselves even when they felt like giving up, and as lame as I sound, those personal accomplishments mean more to me than placing at regionals because those accomplishments will help the students for life.

Overall, Coach Miller is very proud of the DSA swimming and diving team and is excited to see how the remainder of this spring season unravels.

“Just in our short swim season, look at the improvements you have made in your swimming,” Coach Miller said. “Everyone has improved, everyone has learned to swim better, and I hope everyone can realize the potential they have in themselves. Now expand that attitude towards your own life and it will help you reach any goal you set for yourself.”

The team’s next match is Saturday, May 1 at Municipal Pool. They face Canyon Springs, Desert Pines, and Silverado, and they begin at 12:30 p.m.