Parent Resources

At Del Sol Academy we believe in the benefits of playing sports in developing a solid, well-rounded, and skilled student athlete. An athlete that understands the benefits of participating in an organization that is bigger than themselves, one that can be the most powerful and satisfying time of their lives, and one that will experience a myriad of trials, tribulations, peaks, and valleys of winning and losing, and one that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

We also believe that one of the most important roles in an athlete’s career is that of the support of their parents. The role parents play in the development of an athlete’s success is significant and DSA is creating this space to provide a number of resources to parents who want to provide the best support for their athlete. The topics will range from how to support your student athlete in creating success, both from wins and losses, developing confidence,  how to support your athlete from the sideline, to how to help your student athlete to get recruited, and the pros and cons of being a multi-sport athlete, etc.

Del Sol Academy believes in its students, athletes, and its parents, in creating a successful and skilled student athlete. We hope you enjoy the resources!

Title IX Sport Offerings